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A thank you to our volunteers:

Trying to quantify your value to this organization is virtually impossible.

It transcends money, although that is significant. The Washington-based Independent Sector estimates that value, by the way, at $25.43 an hour. Volunteers contribute an estimated $203.4 billion to the United States through their time, talent, and effort.

Your impact transcends time and effort. It transcends your many and varied skills … and, might I add, you cookie bakers deserve a raise. Just sayin’ …

No, you all bring something more to the table. I think that it is your attitude, dedication and loyalty that has touched me most.

You, my friends, walk the talk. And it is a darn good thing you do.

The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum could not function without you. Our needs are too great, our dreams too big. With your help we’ve succeeded in helping make our collective history relevant. We’ve educated young and old. We’ve saved artifacts and buildings. We’ve made a positive difference.

None of us are sure what tomorrow will bring. The one thing we do know is it will be different – with even more distractions, even greater challenges and more varied threats to a county history which we are committed to conserving and preserving.

But we feel better moving forward knowing that you are there with us.

Thank you, than you, thank you all for everything that you do to keep the past present. There are many things competing for your precious time but you’ve made a conscious effort to share it with us. For that the staff and board of directors remain eternally grateful.



Past winners were: Bob Tonkin, 2013; Marcia Lockwood, 2014; Mary Montgomery, 2015; Bill Dysart, 2016; Arlyn Booth, 2017;  and Arlen Bird, 2018


- Kurt Begalka

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