Board Opportunities

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Board Opportunities

The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum Board of Directors is responsible for fulfilling the organization's mission. Directors provide governance, leadership, and vision, ensure the organization's vitality and growth, represent the museum to the community, and accept the organization's ultimate legal authority.

ARTICLE V:  Board of Directors 
SECTION I- General Powers 

The affairs of the Society shall be governed by its Board of Directors, and the Society's Executive Director shall be under the direction of the Board of Directors.

SECTION II- Number, Tenure and Qualifications 

A. The number of Directors shall be seventeen (17). Each of the Directors shall be elected by Society members no later than July. Every effort shall be made to have the broadest county-wide representation on the Board of Directors, with a special focus on a Director from each of the seventeen (17) townships.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: We engage and educate current and future generations by preserving and sharing McHenry County history.

Our Vision: The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum endeavors to be a hub for collection, preservation, and educational outreach reflecting McHenry County's history. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for five areas of governance: 

  •  Mission, vision, and values
  •  Annual budget / Financial stability 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Director employment and performance review
  • Policies

Board Member Requirements

  • Be a society member in good standing
  • Serve a three-year term
  • Attend Board Meetings

Board Member Expectations

  • Be our Ambassador by advocating the Society’s work and values 
  • Serve on one or more committees
  • Actively participate in board discussions and decisions
  • Help identify, recruit, and mentor new board members 
  • Actively participate in Society activities and events
  • Suggest major donors and participate in other fundraising
  • Support the Society financially and with your time as you are able
  • Agree in writing to avoid all ethical conflicts of interest or personal gain from Board membership

New three-year terms begin July 1, and prospective candidates must live or work in McHenry County. Interested applicants should complete the application form below. Please direct any questions to

Board Member Application

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