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Paula Goepfert, originally from Hyde Park in Chicago, was flabbergasted at the news that she won the Heritage Quilters' 2020 quilt: "You've got to be kidding!"

After the shock wore off, excitement quickly replaced it. It's just the thing to keep herself and her husband, ages 92 and 98, respectively, warm this winter ... and do it in style.

“It’s just so beautiful. I’m going to admire it and show it to everybody,” Paula said. The pattern dates to the 1880s and was first published by the Ladies Arts Company in 1895.

The raffle quilt features a bow-tie pattern made from 1930s pastel prints. Some of the fabric prints have recognizable figures in them. They are called object or conversation prints. These were used as early as the mid-1880s. Often the early prints were of a patriotic or nautical subject, or a nature theme. The popularity of conversation prints spread as a new printing process made it economical to print small designs on fabrics. These prints, with their lightness and whimsey, remain popular. The bow tie block alternates with a 1930s' green to add interest and color, and has  a center block of applique.

Paula and her husband, Ken, moved to Woodstock about 10 years ago when they married. Both enjoyed long marriages before their spouses died, and each brought two daughters and a son to this second, blended marrriage.

Special Thanks to Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery & Garden Center for underwriting the cost of the ticket printing!!


Watch a recording of the drawing.




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