Notebook 10 (1867 – 1869)

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Field notebook of John Brink, McHenry County Surveyor
Accession No. 1988.036.01i

Content: Survey notes are from throughout the county but include plats and/or notes on E.G. Ayer’s property and Ayer’s addition to Harvard, the mill pond in T 43 N, R 9 E, relocation of the road that runs from Woodstock to Big Foot, re-survey of a road in Dunham Township, survey of a road in the village of Dearborn running from L. Walkup’s hardware store, and J. W. Sanborn’s in English Prairie.

Conservation Treatment: The front cover is loose, back cover is missing, and pages are loose. Treatment includes fully disbind, mend/guard for stabilization only, surface clean, full resew, and deacidification.

Conservation Fee: $750