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Giving Tuesday 2023

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This Giving Tuesday, join us in preserving the rich tapestry of our community's history! The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum is embarking on a crucial initiative, the "Voices of Our Past: The McHenry County Oral History Project," and we need your help.

Our community's stories, once captured on cassette tapes, now face the risk of being lost to time. These irreplaceable recordings hold the voices of veterans, farmers, teachers, and everyday heroes, sharing insights spanning wars, local traditions, and the joys of gardening. To ensure these narratives endure for generations to come, we are launching a campaign to digitize and transcribe these cherished oral histories.

Enhancing Accessibility:

By converting these tapes into digital files and transcribing the content, we aim to make this treasure trove of knowledge easily accessible to teachers, students, local organizations, researchers, genealogists, and anyone curious about our shared past. Your contribution will directly impact the project's success, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to our community's roots.

Sharing Stories Online:

Once completed, the interviews will be proudly featured on our website, providing a virtual space for the public to listen, learn, and connect with the voices that shaped McHenry County. From wartime accounts to tips on cultivating the perfect garden, these stories enrich our collective identity.

How You Can Help:

Support our Giving Tuesday Campaign by making a donation! Your contribution will directly fund the conversion of cassette tapes to digital files, transcription services, and the online presentation of these invaluable stories. Every dollar brings us closer to safeguarding our community's history.

Give the Gift of History:

This Giving Tuesday, be a part of something bigger. Help us amplify the "Voices of Our Past" and ensure that the stories of McHenry County endure for generations. Together, we can make history accessible and keep our community's narrative alive!

To donate, use the link below or scan the QR Code.

Donate Today

Thank you for being a key player in this significant community project.

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